Friday, September 2, 2011

We are back... did you miss us?

Tom McCarthy and Mary Hettmansperger

Terra Mater is back! Mary and I are back from our Arrowmont week in the mountains. A great week with wonderful folks and a few bears! We loved our class and made some great friends. If you get the chance go on line and look up Tom McCarthy and Mary Hettmansperger. Mary H. has a great new Book out. I think this makes something 5 books for her. Tom Mc has a great web page and is in many galleries.

Lets see.... what else? We went Zip lining in the mountains. Pretty cool. No one died or went missing.
We have been busy in our workshops getting ready for Christmas. Photos to follow. Terra Mater Mary and her husband went to Florida to visit their grand baby. I had a hysterectomy! Yikes!!!
Customer's Frog pendant

Out House collection I am working on
Mary's new Jewelry she is working on.
Next week we all go to California for wine country and then we come back to 5 shows and a Gallery showing. Pretty cool. I'll try to keep you posted with the coming and goings of the work shop.
I'll be back here by the weekend.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Wax Casting in the raw

in the first stage
Mary has returned from Spain and has hit the work-bench on new jewelry. We have ordered new flat sheet silver for fall line.
I am still in Florida for a few more weeks.
This summer I have been wax casting with my friend Cindy Merrit. I love summer because I can go to my home town of New Smyrna Beach and learn new things. I can take classes in Deland (the Florida Goldsmith Group) or sponge off and learn from Cindy. Here are a few lost wax casting items. They are pretty rough right now. Once I am back in Atlanta I can clean them and put them on chains and such. I am still working on a few ideas for earrings. I also purchased PMC. Clay silver for a class I'll take in the fall in Atlanta. I like PMC too.
Onward and forward. Thanks for joining our blog. Spread the word, we need the kindness.
All best, Terry Jane 

looking raw...needs to be cleaned

close up of wax I played with

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

wax casting and bug bites

So, I am in Florida for the summer. Mary is in Spain with her husband. I have this great friend Cindy Yeats, she is an amazing jeweler. This summer she is teaching me the lost wax cast method. I'm not so sure what I am doing. Cindy can take a piece of wax and carve anything into it. I am more the "What? Really? You made a mermaid holding a diamond in her hand?"
I have wanted to learn this method for a long time, part of a bucket list of sorts for growth and learning.

 I am also going to try and meet Mary Schimpf Webb. Mrs. Webb lives in Florida and I am on the look out for her. If you get the chance look her up. Great ground breaking jeweler. Form and Function. Modernist Jewelry.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

restless at the work bench

Here are some new earrings on my bench. The photos aren't that great but they show you what I am working on.  Summer is here in Atlanta, full swing. We need rain and it is hot. My hair looks like a bright red Brillo pad. But I digress, these are the forms I am seeing in my head. I am not sleeping well at night. The angle of "things." Observing the angle/fold/form of buildings and even shapes like fruit. Everyday objets are starting to leak and fill into my creative side. This is how it starts and then it fills the workbench. Pretty cool how the brain works.